Welcome! My name is Shaylara.

I am a Social Media Designer / Manager, Piano Teacher & Tutor (Math & English).

How Can I Help?

Are you a Business Owner needing help with your Social Media? Do you have a passion for music and want lessons to guide you to reach your full potential? Are you a Parent/Guardian wanting to provide your child/ren with some extra help so they can feel confident in themselves to understand their school work? I have something for ALL of you!

My Services

I’m excited to share my passions for creativity and teaching with you! Here you will find all of my services in designing, music and education. I am very fortunate to have turned what I love doing into my job, and having the opportunity to share it with people everyday.


I understand the need for one-on-one learning, I was that kid who needed it so I know how important it is for students to receive this learning technique and I understand how they need to be taught.

Social Media

Designing social media posts has truly become my passion over the years as I have designed for my own and other small businesses in my family. This led me to pursue this further, offering social media designs as another one of my services.


Music is one of my greatest joys in life and I love helping others cultivate their passion and love for it also through music lessons.

Before & Afters

Here we have just a couple examples of my Social Media Designing work, showcasing the dramatic and impactful changes that good design and understanding of a business does for their overall Social Media feed.

These businesses now have a CLEAR and professional design style that is easily identified by any follower and attractive to all new customers/clientele visiting their pages. For MANY more examples of my work, follow me: @socialsbyshaylara 

Hi, I'm Shaylara

I’m the owner of Shar Teaches and Socials by Shaylara and have many passions that I am grateful to pursue as a career. I live on the gorgeous Sunshine Coast, QLD and love supporting other small businesses.

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